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We Simplify Market Research For Your Next Airbnb

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BnB Track Report analyzes and processes your research on Airbnb
while providing you with the most useful information you need, at the click of a button.

You should never risk to embark on a business without the right information.

"What is a fair price for my Airbnb?"
"How intense is the competition?"
"Will I be able to show up on the first page?"

If you want to start an Airbnb, these are a few questions you will have to ask yourself.

BnB Track Report is the answer to these questions. We analyze the information that Airbnb itself makes available to us, and we return simple and complete data to make the strategic decisions that will lead you to success.

BnB Track Report analyzes prices, reviews and rooms of your competition in any area you want.

A priceless support when developing your business plan for your next Airbnb.

BnB Track Report also comes with a profitability calculator to help you estimate your earnings for each Airbnb you may consider with sub-renting or property management.

We do the math for you!

Safe shopping with Stripe. Lifetime license.


Safe shopping with Stripe. Lifetime license.

George Wright 

Airbnb SuperHost
6-figures BnB entrepreneur

" BnB Track Report has speeded up all my analysis activities. Market research has never been easier. "

" BnB Track Report gives me effective support to make the right decisions promptly,
and allows me to scale the business with extreme flexibility. "

Julieta Rodriguez

Airbnb SuperHost Property Manager working over Europe

Daniel Fiorentino

Host with many years of experience

" BnB Track Report has allowed me to expand my business even outside my state.
Thanks to this software I can get all the information I need at the click of a button! ”

Safe shopping with Stripe. Lifetime license.

How does it work?

BnB Track Report is compatible with Google Chrome and works on Windows, MacOS and Linux for universal compatibility.
Installation is very simple: you just need one click to download and install the software, and in less than 60 seconds the tool will be ready to use.

The license is lifetime, this means that it is valid forever and you won’t have to worry about renewals or subscriptions.
All updates are included in the license at no additional cost.


Is it a one-time payment or a recurring subscription?

The license is valid forever: it is a one-time payment and you will no longer be asked for additional costs.

Is it compatible with my computer?

Most likely yes. BnB Track Report is based on Chrome and has been tested on Windows, MacOS and Linux. There are no minimum system requirements: if you have Chrome, you can use BnB Track Report.

Is it 100% safe? Can I trust this software?

Absolutely. BnB Track Report cares about your privacy and it will never ask for your Airbnb credentials nor personal data. Moreover, all communications are encrypted with 128-bit SSL certificates.

Can I share my license with other people?

Unfortunately, the license cannot be shared. We use an automated system that checks for multiple uses of the same license key and automatically blocks all copies if an anomaly is found.

If your copy was blocked by mistake, please contact us.

How can I proceed?

Very simple: click on the “Buy now” button on this page. You can pay with any credit card, debit card or prepaid card. Payments are 100% secure and guaranteed by Stripe.

Safe shopping with Stripe. Lifetime license.

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